Robert is occasionally available as a freelance artist for select clients, his websites are exquisitely painterly and creative, his illustrations are richly detailed and insightful, and his interactive media, personal portraits, company logos and murals are nothing short of awe-inspiring.


Original Web Site


Original Web Site

Reworked Web Site


Original Web Site


Original Web Site With Flash

Original Web Site With Flash



Original Web Site With Flash



Web Site Elements



From the Sufi tradition

this image is filled with sacred geometry

Magazine Article lllustration

Sierra Club Magazine




From the Hawaiian Huna tradition,

this is an illustration of the "HA rite"



Book cover

This is a book cover for a book about self discovery.



This is a poster for a "save the reef" benefit by the Hawaiian philharmonic


Created for a children's book about a friendly mermaid.

flutesml.JPG (13249 bytes)

CD Cover

This is the cover for a music CD


Animation Sample

What seems to be a painting of cupid magically comes to life


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