An Artistic Ascension at 720p
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painting of heaven

This is a painting of the Gates of Heaven

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In this painting there are 1000's of Angels that are each copies of the woman who is ascending.
This is symbolic of the infinite array of possibilities, I believe that there are infinite and fractal dimensions that we can each experience given our choices in life, so there are an infinite number of gates and angels - each one representing a particular way of being that was invented and experienced by this soul in life...

Each and every one of the angels in the gates are the same being as the soul who is assending, but they have llived different paths due to different choices made in life.


angels in heaven

Each gate has a fractal image of the whole gate array with a godhead in it's center
Above each of the gates the angels are holding a Star of David,
the star of david ( or merkaba ) is symbolic of energy flowing too ( up triangle )
and from ( down triangle ) the great spirit ( God )


afterlife ascension

In this image the infinite eye array symbolizes an infinite knowingness from
every possible perspective ...
Each of the eyes also have a fractal version of the whole


image of heaven

In this scene we have flown through the mind of God
and fly out into heaven via a painting that I made back in 1990


Eye of God

" The Great Spirits Portrait "
1990 Oil painting

When I started thinking about how I might paint the great spirits portrait I decided that I needed to make her / him the biggest possible thing, so I thought of bigger and bigger and bigger things until he / she became the entire universe.

I strived to make the image non-judgmental and with out any expression of emotion in one direction or another so that the viewer could experience their own personal feelings about God.

I don't actually see god as an entity so much as I feel that the whole universe is filled with the great spirit, this painting is an expression of that.




Visionary Artist Robby - Spiritual Illustration and Animation