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Robby Donaghey Artist Bio

It has taken me a life time of hard work and study to get here...

I have been creating art and animation using 3D digital tools for 30 years, the technology has made vast improvements over the years and this has been reflected in the quality of my work, much of my older work appears a bit simple by todays standards, the work that I'm currently producing is a dream come true for me as the tools have become amazing and wonderful.
My latest work is in Virtual Reality, I am currently specializing in VR Environmental Design, this technology allows me to make beautiful worlds that you can run around inside and experience, with intelligent characters who interact with you, this work inspires a deep emotional response that was impossible with the old art forms, you feel like you are there in the VR environment so you have a strong emotional response to it.

Making spiritual art is essentially the practice of my religion, nothing else in my experience brings me closer to the holy spirit than immersing my being into the flow of working on an illustration of a deeply genuine spiritual concept, quieting my mind and listening for the soft gentle voice of the holy spirit and bringing the concepts felt into my art work allows me to feel and then see them materialize befor me as they flow through me and into the artwork.

I have been studying master artists all my life, I earned a BFA from the San Francisco Academy of Art ( 4.0 GPA. ), attended seminars and classes with all of the best artist teachers and state of the art companies, on my day off I search the world for the best new art I can find ... I studied computers and computer graphics in the silicon valley, I studied artificial intelligence and philosophy at Stanford University, I became the most sought after digital art teacher in San Francisco for 4 years ( California Art Institute, Academy of Art, Computer Arts Institute),and worked as one of the brightest demo artists in the biz. for the best in the biz., I worked for industry giants ( Hay House, symbolics, silicon graphics ), I taught sacred art and digital art in many of the most prestigious places, I showed my art in countless art shows and lecture events usually painting live as I told people about the work.

I started and ran two highly successfully companies making state of the art virtual reality, interactive websites and deeply spiritual art ( Virtuosity Studios, Spiritual Path Publishing ), I have been a CEO, a CTO and a CVO for advanced technology companies, I have 3 USPTO patents.

I grew up in the world of New Age Christians listening to a variety of wonderful teachers and have been studying christianity, mysticism and judaism all of my life, I studied Zen Buddhism in an ashram for two years, lived in Hawaii for four years studying Huna with master Hawaiian Kahuna's, two summers studying Wicca in the California Redwoods, studied and danced for many years with a master Sufi and his community, trained in energetic healing and clairvoyance with the Berkeley psychic institute, I trained with Harold Dull in Watsu, with Louise Hay and the Church of Religious Science, with Steven Farmer, Oscar Miro-Quesada and several other Shaman in Shamanism, with Darren Weissman in the Life Line Technique, with Gary Renard studying A Course in Miracles and in a long list of retreats and seminars with a wide array of absolutely extraordinary teachers.

I'm also a creative 3 star personal chef ( california culinary academy ), an experienced mountaineer, mountain biker and a world class skier, I grew up ski racing in squaw valley california and I worked for their ski patrol for several years.

I managed to find and hang out with some of the worlds best spiritual teachers and authors via Louise Hay and Hay House Publishing, I tutored several world famous spiritual authors ( including Louise Hay ) in new technologies and digital art and worked as a technical and artistic advisor for some of the best minds in the world, I've designed countless catalogs, ads, book covers and web content for them, and they filled my head with deeply profound insights.

I've worked 100,000 hours at hundreds of computers running 1000's of programs for 40 years

I'm astonished by the miracles that flow out of my new computer

and I am almost ready to make some real art


I'm ready to try until I get it ...

I deeply love this work



Robby - spiritual artist


In person Robby is an amazing man,
deeply giving and open - he is one of the nicest men you will ever hope to meet,
extraordinarily creative and intelligent - his life is an out pouring of creativity and fresh ideas,
enlightened and sensitive - his way of being will leave you glowing and smiling ...

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