Here are some favorite examples of my design work

I also have 3D product design, book, print design and illustration portfolio's available upon request

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I owned and managed a small company making digital architectural illustration and virtual reality fly throughs for 5 years





I enjoy the challange of making Scientific Illustrations of advanced scientific concepts



I am also very practiced in making Patent Illustrations in exactly the specs. that the USPTO requires



Here is a recent 3D Logo design




Here are some recent Book Cover Designs made for Hay House Publishing



Here is a recent CD Cover Design



Website Design Samples


I made the Hay Foundation web site working with the famous teacher Louise Hay
I also designed the logo which is used in all of their letterheads, placeholders, flyers and ads
This is a beautiful example of a " painterly " web site that is primarily painted




I re-designed this site and it's banners for the famous teacher Gary Renard
My life partner Roberta Grace and I have maintained the site for 10 years
I have also designed numerous ads and elements for Gary and Cindy ( below )



These are banners that I designed for the famous author Gary Zukav
The banners are used in his on-line newsletters
Gary loved the happy / friendliness of this work

Bottom Banner :



I designed this site and it's 3 dolphin logo, it's another example of elements that I have photographed and/or painted for a web site



I designed and maintained this site


This is a beautiful interactive flash page, please try the sample below to see how a rainbow appears when you point at the menu items, if you click on a menu item lightening flases

To see an interactive flash sample of this page please click here



I designed and maintained this site for the famous author Caroline Sutherland



I designed and maintained this site, I also designed the product labels so that they all matched nicely



I made new product photographs and participated in catalog design for Hay House Publishing for 5 years



I photographed, designed and maintained this site



This is a beautiful example of an interactive flash web site menu, the entire page is designed to animate and present information as the user explores it, the flash menu contains a video of fire from the pottery artists process





I designed and maintain this website

Please explore this site to see how it's designed to give a presentation to prospective clients :


please click here to see an interactive sample of this site


Here is a door hanger that I designed to match the website




This is only a small sampling of my Design work

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Scientific and Patent Illustration

Architectural Illustration and Animation

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